California Travel Club

No current trips…. Coming next year Western Europe and Egypt/Jordan/Turkey/Greece

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I love to tell the stories of all the interesting places I have been to. Most are true some not so much. It’s up to you to tell the difference.

The world is such an amazing place that must be seen.

I am involved in the model horse world and I love to paint and customize horses. My work has won many local, regional, and national championships.

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Coming soon…

The Adventures of a Middle-Aged Chubby Chick travel storybooks.

  • Europe here I come… God help you.
  • Hawaii – Chubster in Paradise
  • Return of the Chubster – Europe
  • Italy – So you want to lead a group to Italy, what are you thinking?
  • Ireland – Let the shenanigans begin
  • Iceland – Holy Mother of God this place is cold
  • Spain – Tapa’s, Toro’s and Tantrums
  • Central Europe – I see dead people
  • Egypt – Pharaoh’s, King’s and police camels
  • Thailand and Vietnam –
  • Egypt 2.0
Mt. Pilatus Switzerland