Sourpuss Designs

Sourpuss Designs

National Award winning custom work by Cheryl Calentine

Welcome to Sourpuss Designs. I have been quietly customizing and showing model horses since the late 90s. My work has consistently won Championships at the Local, Regional and National level.

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I am not taking commissions at this time. I have to complete what is on my books. Know that I am slow to paint. I work a full time job and have my travel side business and painting models. I have little free time to paint. When I am caught up I will take a few commissions again.

My other passion is International Travel. I have spent the last few years visiting the world. I have started to write about some of the amazing places I have been. Check out my blog… The Adventures of a Middle-Aged Chubby Chick.

Philae Temple, Aswan Egypt


Munich Germany – Radler beer at Hofbrauhaus. Mix of beer and 7 up

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