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Ancient Egypt



$500 Deposit holds your space

Includes 4 night Nile River Cruise, hotels, ground and air transportation in Egypt, tips, tickets and personal guide.

Not included are meals (except during the cruise), excursions not listed, photo tickets, and international airfare.

Optional excursions: Abu Simbel – $150, Half-day in Nubian Village – $50, Horse-riding in Luxor – $30, Camel ride in Giza – $30 , Day trip to Alexandria (all inclusive) – $150, Ballooning in Luxor – Market price (Approx $150-200)

*Minimum group of 6


What is it really like in Egypt? Check out my blog from my amazing trip last Spring.


Cairo – The capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa. The home to the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the famous Khan el Khalil bazaar. The city is modern and upbeat yet ancient and exotic. It is sure to thrill your every sense.

Luxor – Known as the world’s greatest open-air museum. Home to the Valley of the Kings and Queens, Luxor is built around the ancient city of Thebes. Tourists have been flocking to Luxor since the Greco-Roman times.

Aswan – A small city along the Nile, Aswan is rich in nature and the Nubian culture. Home to the High Dam and Abu Simbel, home to Ramses II and Nefertari’s temples.

Camels at the Giza Pyramids. Photo taken 4/21 by C Calentine
Our 5-star luxury Nile River Cruise boat

11/11/21 – Day 1 – Today, we depart the USA, on an evening flight, to dreams of The Great Pyramid and the Nile. Flights will be recommended for the group to arrive in Cairo at the same time or close to each other. International flights are not included.

11/12/21 – Day 2 – Tonight, you arrive in Cairo. Our group will be met by a private travel assistant to help the group navigate the visa process and entry into Egypt. Your private driver will whisk the group to the 5 star luxury hotel. Tonight we meet to discuss the next day’s plans over a drink. After that, you are free to have a late supper as a group or get some rest. Tomorrow is going to be a glorious day.

11/13/21 – Day 3 – Today, we will start early and visit the first pyramid built, The Step Pyramid of Saqqara, as well as the Unas Pyramid and the newly discovered tombs of Saqqara. After lunch on your own, we head over to the Bent and Red Pyramids. The first attempt at a straight sided pyramid failed and the Bent Pyramid was born. The Red Pyramid was the first successful built straight sided pyramid built.

11/14/21 – Day 4 – Today is the day you have dreamed of ancient Pyramids of Giza. We will explore the pyramids of Khafre and Khufu and learn their amazing history. After the Pyramids we have the additional option to ride camels in the Sahara desert on the Giza Plateau. (The camels are an additional $30) After our ride we will end our visit with a trip to see the Sphinx. Lunch is on your own.

11/15/21 – Day 5 – After our included flight to Luxor, you are transported to the 5-star boat. Full board is included on the boat, all meals and evening entertainment. Our lunch will be on the boat. You will go over to the amazing Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple after lunch. You will marvel at the size of the Karnak columns and stories of the temple. Our 5-star boat has nightly music and entertainment. Enjoy coffee, tea and snacks on deck while we sail down the Nile. There is an option to ride horses in town for an extra $30.

11/16/21 – Day 6 – Today’s splendor will be a thrilling visit to the famed Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple and the colorful Nobles tombs. You will see the tombs of famous Egyptians such as Pharaoh Ramses II, King Seti I and King Tut. (Yes, King Tut is still in his tomb) After the included lunch, we head back to the boat and set sail for Edfu. (Tut and Seti tombs are an extra ticket price.) (Early this morning you have the opportunity to take a ballooning excursion. THe cost is $175-200 approx)

11/17/21 – Day 7 -This morning we visit the Temple of Edfu and have lunch on the boat. We will sail off to Kom Ombo and visit the crocodile temple before sailing the rest of the day to Aswan. Sit on deck and enjoy the stunning view of the Nile.

11/18/21 – Day 8 – Aswan is famous for the High Dam. This morning you will visit the Philae temple of Isis and the High Dam. The temple was rescued from the rising waters from the dam and settled on its own island. You can still see the water marks on the walls. I hope you like cats because there is a colony on the island and they are adorable. After lunch, on your own, we will have the additional option ($50) to visit the colorful Nubian Village to see the Nile Crocodiles. If you like, you can get a Henna tattoo. You can relax on your own if you do not wish to go to the Nubian village.

11/19/21 – Day 9 – Today, you will be up at sunrise and drive out to Abu Simbel, the home to the famous temples of Ramses II and Neferatri. This is an optional excursion for an extra fee. ($150) We will stop at a desert oasis along the way for lunch on your own. Abu Simbel was moved from the rising water from the dam in the early 60’s. The temple was cut into pieces and moved onto higher ground. It is an engineering marvel as well as a fantastic ancient temple. Today you transfer to a 5- star hotel.

11/20/21 – Day 10 – Today we have a un-planned day in Aswan. We have the option to see the unfinished obelisk, visit the Souk of Aswan or even go to Elephantine Island. If you want you can relax by the pool. It is up to you to decide. Tonight we fly to Cairo.

11/21/21 – Day 11 – After breakfast, we will visit the Cairo Museums to see the treasures from all the fantastic places we have seen. After the museums, you head off to a local restaurant for lunch on your own, then visit Old Cairo with shopping at the famous Khan el Khali Market. Try your hand at haggling over Egyptian handicrafts.

11/22/21 – Day 12 – Today is our last day in Cairo before our flights to the USA. The day is yours to explore Cairo. Visit the museums again, see the Old Cairo churches and Mosques or visit the pyramids of Giza again. It is your choice. Most flights return to the USA after midnight. We have an optional day trip to sightsee in the city of Alexandria. The cost is $150 all inclusive.

Abu Simbel – 4/21 Photo by C Calentine


  • Professional Tour Guide Hassan Elian for the duration of the trip
  • Entrance fees to items listed on itinerary
  • Local Transportation
  • 5 star hotels (double occupancy)
  • Full board on the 5-star Nile cruise
  • Evening entertainment on the boat. Jalabiya party, Nubian show, Belly dancing and music. Coffee, tea and sweets on deck during sailing.
  • Flights in Egypt (Cairo-Luxor, Aswan-Cairo)
  • All tips


  • Photography tickets at attractions (many places charge extra to take photos)
  • Nefertari’s Tomb
  • King Tut and Seti I tombs
  • Activities not listed on itinerary
  • International flights
  • Lunch/dinner while not on the cruise
  • Beverages
  • Camel / horse riding
  • Nubian village
  • Ballooning
  • Alexandria day trip
  • Abu Simbel
Step Pyramid – 4/21 Photo by C Calentine

Is Egypt safe? – Yes, Egypt is safe for American Tourists. The Egyptian people love Americans and are very friendly. I felt very safe on my recent trip with Hassan. There is a large police presence in the country and I never felt unsafe.

WILL I NEED A VISA? – Yes, below is a link to a E-Visa site. The link below has information on safety and application for the E-Visa. It is much cheaper to get your visa in Egypt. Your personal host at the airport will assist you.

WHAT ABOUT COVID? – The country of Egypt is the number one country in Africa for their handling of Covid. Egypt is open with a negative Covid test 72 hour prior to departure. The standard social practice in place. The Egyptian people received this month vaccines and they are currently being distributed to the people. Below are links to the Egyptian Embassy and their regulations for tourism. I had no issues with testing on my recent trip. We had a private test given at our hotel before your departure. Our personal host took care of everything for us from picking up and printing the test to getting us to the airport.

CAN I GET A REFUND IF I CANNOT GO? I highly recommend travel insurance. Make sure the policy you buy included cancellation for any reason. You can get 75% of the trip cost refunded to you for a no reason policy. I will refund deposits if we are able to cancel the hotels and transportation that is pre-booked for you. We will do our best to give you a full refund. Forbes has a wonderful list of companies you can check out. Make sure you get a policy for cancel for any reason.

ZOOM with myself and our Guide Hassan – I will be setting up a few Zoom meetings with Hassan to answer any questions and concerns about Egypt. I have many friends that have travelled Egypt with Hassan, he is one of the best. I had an amazing trip last spring and I will return to Egypt again with the rest of my family.


Not only is Cairo home to the Pyramids of Giza, it is also home to over 20 million people. It is the largest city in Africa as well as the Middle East. It is home to the one remaining Ancient Wonder of the World, the Pyramids.

Egyptian Museum

We will see the treasures of King Tut, Mummies, ancient artifacts and some of the most amazing things on earth.

Khan el Khalil Market

The bustling market is located in Islamic Cairo and is the oldest open air market in the Middle East. It is said this market is one of the most historic places in the world. It was built in 1382. You will be transported back into time as you wander aimlessly through the maze of stalls as the shop owners offer to show you around their wares. Don’t be afraid to haggle, it is expected and fun.


This is why you are here, the oldest ancient wonder of the world, the Pyramids of Giza. The Great Pyramid is the oldest and largest of the three main pyramids at Giza. It was built in 2500-2560BC as a tomb for Pharaoh Khufu of the Old Kingdom.

The second largest was built as a tomb for Pharaoh Kahfre. He was known as a builder and is the face of the Sphinx. His pyramid still has some of the polished limestone on the top. Most of the outer layer of the pyramids was stripped and used in the mosques of Cairo.

The smallest pyramid was built by Pharaoh Menakura. He was remembered as a very kind man devoted to his God. His black stone sarcophagus was still inside the pyramid but sadly it was lost at sea during the transport to England.

Saqqara Necropolis – Step Pyramid

Located outside of Memphis is Djozer’s Pyramid. At the age of 4,700 years, this is the oldest complete stone building in Egypt. It is said to be a series of stacked Mastabas, forming the first pyramid design. Mastabas were originally built of mud brick, rectangular in s hape with slopping walls and a flat roof. There is a shaft that leads to the underground burial chamber. Djozer had his daughters buried with him, that is unusual for the Pharaoh’s.

Egyptian Camels

What better way is there to experience the Giza Plateau than from the back of a camel? They are large, magnificent creatures that are just amazing.

Saint Sergius and Bacchus Church, where holy family reputed hid in Egypt

St. Sergius Church

During your free time you may want to visit this historic place. One of the oldest Coptic Orthodox Churches in Egypt, the church is dedicated to St. Sergius and St. Bacchus. Both martyred in the 4th Century by Roman Emperor Maximan. The church is special for another reason, this is the place Joseph, Mary and Jesus stayed after they fled from Herod. They lived in the cave/crypt below the church.

Ben Ezra Synagogue

The Pharoah wanted to stop the Hebrew population from growing so he decreed all newborn baby boys be thrown into the river. Moses mother hid him in a basket to be found by the Pharoahs daughter. She found him and raised him, ironically saving his life from her own father. Ben Ezra is located at the place where Moses was found. It also contains ancient manuscripts.


Known as the world’s greatest open air museum, Luxor has been attracting visitors since the Greco-Roman times. The Egyptians have been in living there since 3200BC. The city is associated with the God Amun and many of the New Kingdom Pharoahs chose this as their final resting place.

Karnak Temple

The 18th Dynasty Thebans used Karnak Temple as their place of worship. It is the second largest temple in the world, the largest is Angor Wat in Cambodia. Karnak is really a collection of temples built by different Pharaohs. The Hypostyle Hall is the super star of the temple. It consists of 134 gigantic stone columns in the photo to the right. The temple is over 2000 years old.

Valley of the Kings and Queens

The New Kingdom Pharaohs (1539-1075BC) preferred to build their tombs close to their dynastic roots in southern Egypt. They went out into the beautiful valley and carved their tombs into the rock. The tombs were covered up and hidden from grave robbers. Most were robbed anyway except for King Tut. King Tut still resides in his tomb although his treasures are not in the museum. Other famous Pharaohs Seti I and Ramses II are there. Ancient Greek and Latin graffiti can be found on the tombs.

Hatshepsut Temple

This is Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple. She, yes she, was one of the most powerful female pharaohs. Her husband, Thutmosell, died and his son to young to rule so Hatshepsut ruled in his place. She was the first great woman in history. She ruled during Egypt’s height of power and brought cultural changes. Since Pharaohs are traditionally male, her statues are of her in drag. She wore a fake beard and male clothing. The other woman Pharaoh was Nefertiti.

Medinet Habu

The mortuary temple to Ramses III, it is not as popular but is equally as impressive as the other temples in Luxor. It is known for the intact hieroglyphs.

Valley of the Nobles

Located in the area named Sheik abd E-Korna, the valley is home to over 500 tombs of nobles and high officials. The rock cut tombs are decorated with relief carvings and painted scenes of Egyptian life.

Luxor Temple

The most beautiful temple is that of Luxor. It is close to the Nile and built by Amenhotep III and completed by his son King Tut and Pharaoh Horemheb. It is dedicated to the God Amun. Many Pharaohs made additions to the original temple. The most famous is the row of Sphinx. There is even a granite shrine to Alexander the great.

Banana Island

Banana Island is a relaxing break from the cities and Egyptian ruins. We will take a Felucca over to visit the agriculture area of Egypt, eat banana’s and drink delicious tea while watching the sailboats on the Nile.


Located in southern Egypt, Aswan is a serene location where the Nile flows among the rocks and many islands. Their quarries supplied much of the granite used for the monuments of Ancient Egypt. Aswan is small enough to explore on foot and rich in Nubian culture.

Nubian Village

Known for their colored stucco homes decorated by hand, the Nubian people are descendants from the cradle of civilization, Southern Egypt and Sudan. They are known for their horsemanship and marksmanship during battle. Nubians are know to be some of the kindest and friendliest people on earth. During out visit we will see Nile Crocodiles and get Nubian henna tattoos.

Felucca Boats

The traditional wooden sailboat of Egypt that is still used today. They are 100 percent dependent on wind. The only other means of propulsion are oars.

Philae Temple

The temple is located on an island at Lake Nasser. It is one of the last classic Egyptian style temples. It is a most sacred temple dedicated to the God Osiris and Goddess Isis. Only the priests were permitted to live there as this was the burial place of Osiris.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel contains the temples of Ramses II and Queen Nefertari. Ramses built the temples to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Kadesh and to try and intimidate his neighbors. The Great Temple was also built to honor himself and dedicated to the god Re-Horakhty. The smaller temple was built for the love of his main wife, Nefertari.

The construction of the High Dam flooded the original location of the temples. In the mid 1960s, UNESCO dismantled the temples and moved them to higher ground where they stand today.

Photos from my recent trip to Egypt with Hassan. April 2021

Old Cairo

GIZA Plateau


BENT Pyaramid



Valley of Kings and Nobles

Ballooning over Luxor Valley


Abu Simble

Hapi Alabaster, Habib Hand Weaving and the rug shop


Our Guide….Hassan Elian

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