Meet Average Joe. He is nothing special really, just your typical free range mustang with cruddy feet and a roman nose. He is not handsome, he is covered in washable mud and desperately needs a trim. He is your…Average Joe.

While Joe does sport a muddy coat, it is not sealed and can be washed off if you want. Wish to keep him dirty? I can seal it on for you. Joe has a slightly resculpted face and fee. He is airbrushed to a plain dull bay.


Please call the farrier
I am so plain and homely

Look mom, I have a bigger weiner
Jake, From State Farm – $450

Jake, from State Farm

Jake is a fully etched cooper model. After his etching, he was lightly airbrushed to a bay to snazz up his color and change him into a bay. I do not do many of the “petchies’ as it trashed my hands.

Watch my page for more custom mustangs coming up later this year. I have a ton of bodies I am working on

Slightly customized campolina colt.


Want a mustang that looks like a mustang?

I have several bodies in the works…stay tuned to my site.

Jack Twist – NFS

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